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The Republic of Turkey is at the junction of Europe and Asia. The territory of the country covers the whole of the Anatolia Peninsula (Asian Part), East Thrace (European Part) and also includes some islands on the Marmara and the Aegean Seas.

Turkey covers an area larger than most European countries and enjoys an extremely diversified terrain characterized by seven distinct regions. There are 81 administrative provinces governed by local governors appointed by the central government.

More than half of the Turkish population lives in urban areas that juxtapose modern lifestyles with traditional-style markets, mosques, chapels and synagogues. Turkey is the sole democratic and secular country of which population is mostly Muslim. This special feature is the most important factor which ensures the harmonious co-existence of various groups within the country, and which renders Turkey an element of balance between Europe and the Middle East.

The major urban centers and the greatest economic development are located in the Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolian regions. Cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Ankara and Kayseri are the predominant manufacturing and industrial districts. Also, centers like Erzurum, Adana, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras which are located in the South and the Southeast of Turkey gained a strong momentum in the way of further development.

The Black Sea region is heavily forested and the vegetation provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of tea, nuts, tobacco and the processing of timber. In addition, several large ports create a vital link for transit trade to Iran, the Russian Federation and the Caucasian Republics.

Because of high mountains and plateau scattering Turkey’s eastern and south-eastern landscape, the agriculture and husbandry are the dominant means of livelihood as well as small existing industries especially in the textile and leather. With the development of GAP (South-eastern Anatolian Project), South-eastern region is expected to become a predominant textile and food processing center in the world.

The Mediterranean region along the South-West coast of Turkey thrives on tourism. With all the warmth and charm of the Mediterranean, its shores have a wealth of astounding beauty and contain some of the last unspoiled areas of Southern Europe together with an immense historical heritage. The land is well populated and intensively cultivated.

The population in Turkey is much younger compared to European countries (more than 60% of the population is below the age of 35). Turkey shall continue to constitute one of the largest populations in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Alanya Historical Sites & Cool, Quiet Getaways

Alanya (ancient Korakesion) which is 168 km to the east of Antalya is situated on a rocky peninsula. With its unique defensive alanyaposition and well-sheltered harbor, the city played an essential role during the Hellenistic years and served as a retreat for pirates under Roman control. After being captured by Alaeddin Keykubat I, the Seljuk Sultan, and turned into a naval base, the city grew and population and was called Alaiye which later become Alonya. Afterwards the dissolution of the Seljuks, Alanya passed into the hands of the Karamanlis. Remains of the barricades from the Classical period can still be seen on the point. The present palace built by Alaeddin Keykubat I consists of three walls. In the ancient ages, there were ship stations along the sea where vessels loaded cedar. Owing to its great defenses Korakesion was prepared to resist successfully the troops of Antiochus who invaded Cilicia. Alanya found value in the Seljuk period with its shipbuilding trade, but it suffered substantial destruction next when the conflicts between the troops of Sultan Mehmet II, and Karamanoğullan. Like other cities in this region, it never regained its former level of prosperity.

Alanya: A Beautifully Preserved Ancient Castle

Public parks were built along both of Alanya’s long sandy beaches; and the town’s main thoroughfare, Ataturk Caddesi was turned into a wider, palm tree-lined boulevard. In tandem with public area improvements, a plethora of large, new hotels have sprung up on the outskirts of town. According to Alanya’s tourism office, there are at least seven five-star hotels in the area – mostly located outside the main city center in Konaklı, Yeşilköy and Okullar – with several new five-star resorts on the way. Among the well-known five-star resorts around Alanya are the Grand Kaptan, Serapsu, Maryan and the Delphin Deluxe Resort.

alanya4Alanya proper is a bustling holiday center of modern hotels and motels, seafood restaurants, cafes and bars, reminiscent of a scaled-down version of Antalya city. Of the six million tourists who visit Antalya and its surroundings each year, one million flock to Alanya. Half of all visitors are German; nearly a quarter are from Russia, and the rest are other foreign tourists as well as Turks, most of whom come from Istanbul.

Certainly the weather in the Antalya region is a major draw for everyone who visits.

Of the 88,000-plus, full-time residents of Alanya about 500 are German citizens while in total 5,000 Germans own property and visit during holidays throughout the year. Another half-million or so Germans visit Alanya during spring and summer, occupying its wide variety of pensions and hotels. A major draw for Germans and other Europeans, besides the breathtaking beaches and scenery, is the relatively low cost of vacationing, shopping and living in Alanya. At least three different German-language newspapers are published in Alanya, including Deutshe Alanya Zeitung (www.alanya-dz.com, cost: 2YTL), Alanya News (50 kurus) and Alanya Bote (www.alanyabote.de, cost 2YTL). All three can be obtained at the Tourist information office at the corner of Ismetbalci Street and Damlatas Street; as well as at newsstands throughout the city.

alanya2“I love Alanya. It is a very international city. I like to learn new things about various countries in the world, and I like my work since I meet many personalities from Germany, Russia, from all over,” says Mustafa Tuncer, who elected to live in Alanya 21 years ago back leaving Eskişehir, a city in southwestern Anatolia. Tuncer took with him a local art from his local town, Meerschaum rock carving, which is how he makes his living. A heavyset fellow, Mustafa strikes quite a image lying in the door to his tiny shop off Iskele Street leaned over his fine carvings; a work that’s been passed on in his family for ages. For sale are miniature turtles, elephants, intricately carved pipes, decorative eggs and cigarette holders, all made from the soft Meerschaum stone found exclusively in the Eskişehir region.

“All-inclusive” is another popular draw for those staying at hotels that offer around the clock all-you-can-eat and drink buffets, entertainment and of course accommodation, at varying price levels. Alanya is also a popular summer vacation destination for about 150,000 Russians, who come for the sea and sand. Swedes, Dutch and Israeli travelers too have discovered Alanya. Israelis arrive mostly by large cruise ships and stay just a few hours to enjoy the nightlife and shopping. They also come to take advantage of Turkey’s lenient environmental laws concerning off-road four-wheel and motorcycle adventure touring through the Taurus Mountains (Israel and Europe have much stricter laws governing off-road driving). Large numbers of Turks – families and young singles alike – also enjoy Alanya during the summer when school is in recess.

“We like the sun and the sea of course. It’s cheap here, and the shopping is very good. We don’t leave the hotel much because everything is included there, and they have good nightlife too. I would definitely return to Alanya,” says Gabi Hagen from Heidelberg, Germany, who came to Alanya with her brother Juergen for 14 days. The Hagen’s both wore a blue plastic bracelet with their hotel’s name inscribed on it. The bracelets, which you will see on many a wrist throughout Alanya, are worn to identify the hotel occupants and indicate that they have paid for an all-inclusive package.

Economic Partnership With Turkey

Turkey has varied its export marketplaces with the aid of new methods released since 2000. Turkey continues to be making considerable efforts to be able to increase its exports towards new and alternative marketplaces.

Trade Enhancement Methods towards Neighbouring and Surrounding nations, African nations and Asia-Off-shore nations are some of the methods adopted for this function.

The process to enhance do business with the neighbouring and surrounding nations was started through the Undersecretariat for Move at the outset of 2000. That strategy includes 50 countries getting historical and cultural ties with Turkey, has produced good results raising our trade volume using these nations from 19.9 billion dollars in 2000 to 59 billion dollars in 2005.

An identical strategy for the African nations began to become implemented in 2003, and also the results achieved to date when it comes to trade volume appears to become much promising. Do business with the African nations that were 5.5 billion dollars in 2003, elevated 74.five percent reaching 9.6 billion dollars in the finish of 2005.

We released a trade development strategy for the Asia-Pacific region in 2005. This tactic includes nations of mainly the China and Off-shore region. The trade volume using the nations in this particular area is anticipated to improve to 7-8 billion dollars in five years perspective. Thinking about the prosperity of the trade improvement methods implemented before, we started the Trade Enhancement Strategy towards Americas at the outset of 2006. Actually, this tactic includes two different methods, one for that North America and yet another for that South America.

Trade Enhancement Strategy

The United States is a vital trade and economic partner of Turkey. Recent developments in Turkish economy provided a brand new strategic window to promote Turkey’s buying and selling and economic relations using the USA.

The trade volume between Turkey and also the US was over 10 billion dollars in 2005. 4.9 billion dollars of this were our exports towards the US, and 5.3 billion dollars were our imports from that country. Quite simply, in 2005 about 6.7% from the total Turkish exports were forwarded to the United states market, while 5.1% of total Turkish imports came from that country. In the first five several weeks of 2006 Turkey released from and imported towards the USA 2.15 and a pair of.22 billion dollars price of goods correspondingly. Together these figures amount roughly 5.2% of total Turkish trade.

However, approaching in the US side the image appears completely different. Turkish exports towards the USA are simply around .3% from the total USA imports in 2005, and also the situation being worse before.

Considering the USA is definitely an economy of approximately 12.5 trillion dollars, it’s apparent that there’s still an enormous trade potential to be employed. Therefore, Turkey needed a brand new and various approach for the American market.

The Trade Enhancement Strategy towards America continues to be started right from the beginning of 2006 let’s start.

This can be a comprehensive policy to assist Turkish businesspeople to achieve the vital but progressively competitive American market. However, this isn’t only an online marketing strategy. On the other hand, it is part of a concerted exercise to enhance Turkey’s recognition.

Specific States

The United States market, having a liberal character and appetite for consumption, offers a number of possibilities for traders. However, consequently of those same characteristics the United states marketplace is a very competitive, specialized and responsive market, which necessitates long-term and firm marketing guidelines.

Since each condition inside the US features its own social and economic structure, it’s smart to use condition based and long-term methods for entering the United states market.

Because of this, by considering different economic criteria like states’ GDPs, import capacity, market size, and export potential, from the 50 States of America mainly six states happen to be selected. They are California, Texas, New You, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia. These states retain the 15 most significant customs points in America. All these states is recognized as business centers. Also, these states occupy an essential devote the Turkish do business with the United states. The inflow of 64,3% from the Turkish exports towards the US, and output of 60% of Turkish imports from that country is recognized with these six states.